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IMpACT, short for ‘International Multi-centre persistent ADHD CollaboraTion’, is a consortium of clinical and basic researchers from several European countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Norway, The United Kingdom, Sweden), from the United States of America and from Brazil. IMpACT currently coordinates biosamples and phenotypic information of over 4000 cases with persistent ADHD and over 8000 controls.

"IMpACTing ADHD research across the globe"

ECNP Network - ADHD across the Lifespan

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The film modernizing the concept of ADHD. People with ADHD speak

During the opening ceremony of the 9th World Congress on ADHD, the film modernizing the concept of ADHD. People with ADHD speak, was presented in which people with ADHD share their experiences and give their vision. It is our hope that this film will contribute to the larger mission of actively including input of people with lived experiences into the process of Modernizing the Concept of ADHD. Hereby the website link ADHD federation to the film.

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